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About The Authors

Joe Gurner:

If you looked up Renascence Man in the dictionary, you'd actually have to look up two separate words -- "Renascence" and "Man" -- to get the definition for the term. But, if you looked Renascence Man up in one of those dictionaries that had pictures of people instead of definitions for words or phrases, it's not totally inconceivable that you would find a photo of Joseph R. Gurner. Acclaimed scholar, award-winning journalist, accomplished musician and a prolific writer, he is the author of nearly a dozen as of yet unpublished and, in fact, unwritten, novels. While "The Leonardo Code" doesn't rise to the level or artistic or literary endeavors in which he usually undertakes, he decided to lower himself, risking his own sterling reputation, to help give credibility to this work and to give his friends the opportunity to ride to fame and fortune on his vast coattails. He currently lives in a small Mississippi town, disguised as a mild mannered librarian in order to stay out of the prying eyes of his many fanatical followers.

This work is dedicated to William Henry Harrison, the 9th U.S. President, who died of pneumonia after only one month in office and thus aided in making the Whig Party little more than an interesting historical footnote most people forget after finishing their high school history class.

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Blog: Taking A Nap

David Hitt:

Ten Facts About David Hitt:

  1. He writes. A lot.


  3. He has talked to people in space, as part of his duties as an education writer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

  4. Former President Bill Clinton once refused to shake his hand.

  5. Hatbag, the comic strip he cowrites with Lain, is the successor to a strip that was, at varying points in time, published in Alaska, used as a diversity education tool at his alma mater, the University of Mississippi, and censored in Tupelo, Miss.

  6. He's proud of the fact that his blog, All These Worlds, has topped 1 million hits a month, even if a huge portion of that is spam-related.

  7. Blues legend B.B. King owns a couple of t-shirts that David designed for King's annual homecoming concerts in Indianola, Miss.

  8. "The Leonardo Code" is one of two books David has been co-authoring over the past year.

  9. He starts writing many more things than he actually finishes.

On The Web:
Homepage: David Hitt
Blog: All These Worlds
Comic: Hatbag

Jonathan Hitt:

Jonathan Hitt is currently too occupied preparing for the impending birth of his first daughter to write a proper bio, even though his lovely wife Erin is actually doing most of the work.

However, should this book be rediscovered during his campaign to become governor of Alabama, he would like to go ahead and assure voters now that he was not at all responsible for the conception of "The Leonardo Code," and was barely involved at all, and even that involvement was purely because of the obligations he felt due to his strong sense of family loyalty.

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Blog: Random Declarations

Lain Hughes:

Lain Hughes (Carson McClain Hughes, Jr.) is a complex, multicellular organism, native to southern North America. Generally most active during the daytime, Lain is occasionally nocturnal. He avoids exposure to the elements, preferring the relative safety of his lair.

Essentially omnivorous, Lain feeds throughout the day, seeking out barbecued meats in particular. Like many species, Lain stores fat in his body in preparation for winter, and is apparently anticipating a new ice age.

Lain can often be found reading, writing, sketching, and drinking caffeinated beverages. First-time Lain-watchers are advised to check bookstores and coffeehouses. Care should be taken, however, as Lain is known to be a skittish creature likely to scamper off upon direct contact. He generally seeks a mate through a complicated system of feigning complete disinterest.

Within his native ecosystem, Lain exists in a generally balanced symbiosis with various juvenile lifeforms by serving as a high school history and journalism teacher. His general patterns sometimes alter during the summer months, when he undertakes a long overland migration to the vicinity of Athens, Georgia to work on his master's degree in U.S. History.

SEE ALSO: Hatbag (cartoon), Pumpkin Shirt (cartoon), Apple Computer (cult aspects), grandeur (delusions of)

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Comic: Hatbag

Chris Tutor:

Chris Tutor was born a little more than 12,000 days ago in a small town in Mississippi. When he's not touring with his Toadies cover band, Schizophrenic Horse, he's spending quiet relaxing days in Birmingham, Alabama with his lovely wife Christina thinking up even taller tales. Look for his other fictional works, "How Winning the Lottery Changed My Life and Other Dreams I Had Last Night," and "Going Postal: The Idiot's Guide to Buying Pre-stamped Postcards." The Tutors are expecting their first child in 2006 and, yes, it is a boy or girl.

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Blog: Abnormal Aspirations